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In appearance, Abyssinians resemble the paintings and sculptures of ancient Egyptian cats which portray an elegant feline with a muscular body, beautiful arched neck, large ears and almond shaped eyes. Abys today still retain the jungle look of felis lybica, the African wildcat ancestor of all domestic cats.
Egyptian Cat Status

The Kitten Buyers Guide by Carolyn Osier says "Abyssinians must be one of the most intelligent animals ever created" and goes on to say that the Aby is "...a very people-oreinted cat. Not a lap cat,... but a cat that likes to be with people, a cat that wants to know what you are doing - that wants to help. There probably no breed anywhere more loyal than the Aby. Once you have acquired an Aby as a companion, you will never be able to complain that no one understands you. Abys are very good at training people to do just what they want them to do."



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